A&E: “The Presidents Club” Book Review April 17th

8 May

A picture of Eisenhower welcoming Kennedy to the White House was featured with this NYTimes article

New York Times staff writer, Janet Maslin, reviews a book for the NYTIMES section called Books of the Time,” called ‘The Presidents Club.’

The book is writer by Time Magazine editors Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy. Maslin opens up the review with an analysis of the phrase, “the presidents club,” with a historical context. She cites jokes made about with the phrase by past presidents such as Hoover and Truman.

Maslin book review cleverly blends together the summary of the book with brief and broad statements of the general idea of the novel. She states that the book is generally an analysis of how the Presidents of this nation have a unique pass-the-baton type of relationship.

Maslin talks about how Gibbs and Duffy do a good job with the various pictures included in the novel and describing the how every president comes into office thinking he’ll do better and make right what was done before him, but in reality things never turn out as planned.

Maslin criticizes the novel though for focusing too much on specific president’s conundrums and being diffuse in general. Maslin criticizes how the subject matter being written about easy get tangled and says that even though the idea for the book is brilliant its delivery was just a tad flat.

Maslin did appreciate the animated knowledge Gibbs & Duffy displayed in regards to more recent presidents and as stated before Maslin did like the intimate photos shown within the book. But overall Maslin seems to give the book a positive-ish feedback but is critical of its delivery.


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