A&E: The Hunger Games Success March 25th

8 May

Fans wait in line for the midnight screening of The Hunger Games

I have been a fan of the Hunger Games series long before it became a pop culture phenomenon, so I was surprised with the sudden explosion in popularity of the franchise with the release of the film.

According to the New York Times article entitled, “‘Hunger Games’ Tickets Sales Set Record, “writer Brooks Barnes reports on how the Hunger Games hit the box office jack pot its opening weekend.

Barnes doesn’t just discuss the financial box office success of the film, but delves deeper into WHY the film franchise is doing so well and receiving so much positive feedback. Barnes point out that with the end of a classic franchise like Harry Potter, audiences were looking for something new to delve into.

Barnes goes even further into highlighting the smart advertising and marketing tactics of the movie’s distributor, Lionsgate. Barnes clearly did research on people involved with the film Production Company and people on Wall Street who are all tied to why The Hunger Games was such a financial success. Barnes reveals that since the series has such a solid following Wall Street is looking to invest in it to earn back some revenue.

Barnes uses one direct quote within the article by a credible source who is an editor for a movie site, but aside from that she just mentions relevant people with valid information.

Overall, Barnes took a mundane article about the successful ticket sales of The Hunger Games and turned it into a analysis and report on what the future looks like for the franchise on a financial and cultural scale.


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