A&E: Jimmy Kimmel & the White House Correspondents Dinner April 24th

8 May

Jimmy Kimmel talks to the NYTimes about how he feels in regards to hosting this years White House Correspondents Dinner

I love Jimmy Kimmel. He is one of my favorite late night talk show hosts, so I was thrilled to hear that he was going to be the speaker at the White House Correspondents Dinner this year.

In The New York Times article entitled, “No Pressure: Just Make Obama Laugh,” writer Bill Carter talks to Kimmel about the upcoming dinner and how he is handling the pressure.

Carter also makes sure to cite dinners and hosts from the past, such as Seth Meyers and Steven Colbert, to provide a history to the event and to use as example for Kimmel to learn and stem from.

Kimmel talks about the pressure he feels but how he isn’t that nervous. Carter also included quotes from Meyers and Colbert after their respective dinners. Carter focuses on how Colbert had an awkward experience because he spoke during the Bush Administration and after the event many felt that he had been rude and overly critical of the administration. This information guided Kimmel to talk about what he was afraid the dinner would do to him if he slipped up.

Carter goes on to talk about how this dinner could launch Kimmel’s career. He cites Kimmel’s credible resume and explains why he is a perfect candidate for hosting the entertainment at this year’s event.

Overall the article was an interview and a bit of a preview for what is to come and how Kimmel is feeling about the event. As a fan of Kimmel myself, I don’t doubt that it will be entertaining.


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