A&E: Irish Songwriter Julie Feeney- April 29th

8 May

Julie Feeney The award-winning Irish songwriter and singer on Thursday at the Irish Arts Center.

New York Times writer Jon Pareles, gives us a review of Irish songwriter Julie Feeney in his article entitled “Theatrical on the shell, Intricate at the Core, Julie Feeney at the Irish Arts Center.”

Pareles does an examination of Feeney and her unique style of music. He starts the article out by comparing her appearance to that of eccentric performer’s like Lady Gaga but then diverges by pointing out that her look does not reflect her style.

Pareles goes on to elaborate through praiseful words of how Feeney uses the study of music and sound and psychoanalysis to write and sing music with philosophical meaning.

After attending Feeney’s show, Pareles lets the reader know the kinds of themes and inspirations Feeney uses in her work. He uses descriptiveness to show the readers how mesmerizing Feeney is on stage as well and describes her performance as a ‘blur of chamber concert and theater piece.’

Ultimately though, Pareles makes this article on Feeney news worthy because Feeney is playing a 10-night stand at the Irish Arts Center through May 6th.


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