A&E: Fashion at the Met Gala- May 8th

8 May

Emma Stone and Lanvin Designer Alber Elbaz at the Met Gala

New York Times writer Cathy Horyn gives us a first person peek at the Met Gala from last night in her article entitled ‘Fashion Forward in Comfort at the Met Gala.’ 

Horyn gives us a look at what the fashion scene was like at the Gala last night. She pours every bit of sarcasm, personality and criticism into her writing about what the atmosphere was like and what all the celebrities were wearing.

Even though it is a personal and opinion based story of what she observed there, Horyn still manages to get in direct quotes from celebrities such as Emma Stone and designers such as Alber Elbaz of Lanvin. The quotes were just brief comments on what Stone was wearing and what it was made from but they still provide credibility no matter how brief.

Horyn continues to describe with great detail the stuffiness of the room and the tightly packed tables and how all the women and their big and lavish dresses were impossible to avoid and how one could spot the athletes in their dark tailored suits. Horyn’s great use of descriptive dialogue easily makes the reader visualize being there and is a great example of SHOWING and not TELLING.


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