A&E: The return of “Community” March 13

21 Mar

Scene from the NBC comedy, "Community", which was featured in the NYTimes print and online version.

I was excited about reading this A&E piece in the NYTimes when I saw the main art was a scene from the NBC comedy, “Community”. I love the show. It is clever and quirky and all around just hilarious. So Bill Carter’s article, “College’s Winter Break Finally Ends” got me very excited. The article is a news worthy piece because it talks about how NBC had shelved the show for a while in December but it is now officially coming back. Carter talks about the show and its various themes and how it appeals to audiences. Then Carter goes on to discuss how the show was shelved because of ratings and how that has effected the creators and network. He uses valid sources and interviews the shows creator and various members of the cast. He also has indirect quotations from NBC networks executive vice president. Carter takes an unbias angle to this story and is just informing the audience of the reprisal of a fan favorite show. Although the article is essentially news worthy because of its timeliness and impact that it will have on network television, but Carter also turns it into a bit of an issue story by highlighting how fewer people are watching television because they can watch everything online. Carter subtly highlights how this new generation has moved on from television and growing changes in media has made it a lot easier for people to watch things online. This harms the television market because people watch their shows but they don’t get any ratings. Carter also introduces a new solution for this problem. He talks about how the creators of “Community” and NBC have now come into partnership with online sites like HULU plus. Hulu is a popularly used site to watch television shows on, so with this partnership the show will be able to track its ratings. Carter turned his linear story of a shelled show getting a second chance into an issue story of a changing media and how to tackle that issue. My favorite part of the article was the quote by show creator, Dan Harmon, on their most coveted demographic; college students”..These very smart, upwardly mobile, college-age kids just don’t watch TV anymore.”


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