A&E: Hollywood’s new found love of Fairy Tales March 21

21 Mar


Image from NYTimes Online of Julia Roberts and Armie Hammer in Hollywood’s latest adaption of Snow White, “Mirror Mirror” 

I absolutely LOVE fairytales. Wether it be a book, a movie or a television show, anything relating to fairytales draws me in. As did todays article in the NYTimes entitled, “The Better to Entertain You With, My Dear” with a subhead reading, “Mirror Mirror’, ‘Grimm’ and Hollywood Love For Fairy Tales.” The article is written by Terrence Rafferty and discusses how there seems to be a influx of fairytale related films and television series that are taking over entertainment. Rafferty highlights a few such as ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” and NBC’s “Grimm” and two upcoming movies that have readapted Snow White and another called “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunter.” Rafferty does not use any outside sources or quotes from anyone, the article only consists of Rafferty discussing the various subplots, successes and failures of various fairytale related material in entertainment. In the article Rafferty displays some of his own personal feelings when he criticizes how fairytales don’t meant he same thing for todays generation. Because of his personal analysis, this article went from a news worthy piece because of its relevance to the current times and impact in the entertainment industry, to an issue piece. He talks about how technology has altered youth to be skeptical and how fairytales no longer represent life lessons and morals. As a huge fan of fairytales I agree with Rafferty in that fairytales no longer have the same charm and allure as they once did, but I still very much enjoy all these adaptions that bring back my favorite stories


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