Weekend Arts edition March 2

14 Mar

image from the website and print edition of the article on Paris Fashion featuring a model wearing Rochas

Since it is friday the New York Times Arts & Entertainment section has a WeekendArts edition. A major article the A&E beat covered is Paris Fashion. The article, entitled “In Paris, Cloaked in Fog and Anticipation is written by a Cathy Horyn and covers five various collections by various designers. The collections reviewed were Ann Demeulemeester, Balacenciaga, Dries Van Noten, Rick Owens, & Rochas. Horyn started her article off by establishing a setting and her surroundings. She cleverly used the thick fog in Paris to transition into analyzing the designers pieces by relating the gray mood to Nicolas Ghesquiere’s Balenciaga. Unlike the last article reviewed about the Red Carpet, Horyn’s article is a lot less opinions based an more of an unbias analysis of the collections. Horyn talks about how Balenciaga is more office wear attire according to the designer. Horyn then goes on to talk about Rick Owen’s collection and dubs it “elegant” she then goes onto Van Noten and uses outside information about his Men’s collection to provide more of an idea of his style. She then talks about designer Marco Zanini’s Rochas collection and sums up her article summarizing Ann Demeulemeester’s collection. Horyn walks a fine line of observing while also adding a bit of her perspective to the article. She uses facts by adding what the designer’s had to say about their collections backstage but she does not use any direct quotations. Overall Horyn gives us a well structured look into the various collections of Paris fashion without being over bearing with her own opinions and analysis. She provides us with a direct look at the various collections and gives us insightful information from the designers to help us understand the themes and inspirations of each collection.


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